skulls love - Sculpture cranes metal - Skull and crossbones in fluorescent pigments

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skulls LOVE
Sculpture skulls metal
4 skulls in steel lace with LOVE inscription in blue fluorescent pigments
Philippe Buil

Sculpture representing four skulls in steel lace metal with LOVE inscription in fluorescent blue pigments

The metal lace is obtained by dripping, melting the steel drop by drop, which ensures that each sculpture is unique. 
On each head, there is a letter written in fluorescent blue pigments. These 4 letters form the word : LOVE.
The blue pigments charge with UV rays and become fluorescent in the dark.
In the dark, you can't see the skulls anymore, you can only see the inscription LOVE.
Steel base of 4 in diameter.
Unique piece, signed, accompanied by its certificate of authenticity.
Height 7 in - Width 8 2/3 in - Depth 4 in

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