Scallop shells 10-24 - Sculpture of 3 shells in bronze and steel lace

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Steel and bronze lace sculpture
Philippe Buil

Sculpture representing three scallopsin metal lace: steel and bronze

This sculpture is a symbol, linked to my new workshop:
 - The Saint-Jacques shell is the emblem of the paths of Saint-Jacques de Compostel and my workshop is located near Puy en Velay which is a historical starting point.
 - These scallops are made of metal lace, which is a nod to Puy en Velay lace.
-The three shells are arranged one above the other to give movement to the sculpture and recall the Trinity.

The metal lace is obtained by dripping by melting the metals drop by drop, which guarantees that each sculpture is unique.

Steel base diameter 4 in
Unique piece. Sculpture signed, and accompanied by its certificate of authenticity.
Height 9 1/2 in - Width 6 2/3 in - Depth 4 3/4 in

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