Idol CLXVI - Metal sculpture with steel body and glass paste

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Idol 166
Metal sculpture with steel body and glass paste
Philippe Buil

Metal and glass sculpture representing an idol. This sculpture is made of steel lace and glass paste.

The metal lace is obtained by dripping by melting the steel drop by drop, which guarantees that each sculpture is unique. Glass paste is created by melting glass in a mould.

Coming from the depths of our archaic memories, this idol looks down on us from the top of its 5000 years. Initially in stone, reproduced multiple times, it stimulates a form of inspiration and humility in my hands. So old and so modern, timeless, feminine, it sublimates metal lace or glass paste. Meeting with its collective past and a creative vision of the future that allows you to savor the present moment.

Steel base diameter 10 cm
Unique piece, signed, accompanied by its certificate of authenticity

Height 53cm - Length 19cm - Depth 10cm

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