Kouros The Eternal - Sculpture torso man metal bronze and steel

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Kouros the ETERNAL
Sculpture male torso metal
steel and bronze
Philippe Buil

Sculpture representing a bust of a man in metal: steel and bronze

This sculpture represents a complete male bust: face, back, side and part of the neck and arms. A sculpture that gives off power and strength.

The black parts are in steel lace obtained by dripping the metal. 
The brown parts are made of bronze, some are made of lace and others are made of bronze plates that have been cut, shaped and assembled.
This sculpture does not have a base, it rests on the bottom of the bust.
Unique piece. Sculpture signed, and accompanied by its certificate of authenticity.
Height 21 2/3 in - Width 21 in - Depth 8 1/4 in

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