Sculpture of the bust of Ingrid Courrèges

published by Philippe BUIL the

Some time ago, I shared with you the bust molding session of Ingrid Courrèges.

Today, I present to you the sculpture that I made and which is now at his side:

Sculpture Buste Ingrid Courreges
The top of the bust is in steel and the bottom in bronze.
Three bronze flowers hang from the neck to the chest.
The top one has an outline with blue pigments, the middle one is with chrome and the bottom one has red pigments.
The metal lace was created by dripping, by melting the metals drop by drop.
Metal lace enhances the natural elegance of the female body.
Steel base 22 x 12 cm
Unique piece.
Height 56 cm - Width 40 cm - Depth 23 cm
You can discover more pics on my website.
You can discover the video of this sculpture on my Youtube channel.

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