Animal sculptures in metal lace of Philippe Buil

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Animal sculptures in metal lace

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I regularly create sculptures of animals in metal lace.

These sculptures are of very different sizes, they range from 11 cm or 4 in to 2 meters 74 3/4 in high. They are always unique pieces.

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Sculptures de 10 à 15 cm or 3 1/2 to 5 1/2 in (rabbit, elephant, bear and marten) :

Rabbit X Sculpture animalière metal - Rabbit Steel Philippe Buil   Rabbit XI Sculpture animalière metal - Rabbit Bronze Steel Philippe Buil     Elephant D Animal sculpture metal - elephant bronze steel Philippe Buil

Ours III Sculpture animale métal - Ours acier Philippe Buil   Buffon Martre sculpture of marten in drops of Bronze and Steel Philippe Buil

Sculptures from 20 to 40 cm or 7 1/2 to 15 1/2 in (Horse, elephant, butterfly) :

 Horse Beard VII Sculpture animal metal - horse head steel bronze Philippe Buil    The tree with the elephant Animal sculpture elephant at the foot of a tree steel bronze Philippe Buil     The butterfly tree Animal sculpture butterflies of a tree steel bronze Philippe Buil

Sculptures de plus de 50 cm

 Sculpture representing a horse's head in metal lace Bronze steel - Bronze steel - Buil   Lion's head Animal sculpture lion's head in bronze steel Philippe Buil


My largest animal sculpture was made to order.
It is a 2 meter or 78 3/4 in high lion's head which is installed
at the reception of the hotel Maison Albar Le Vendome in Paris.

Sculpture head of Lion - Order Maison Albar Hôtel Le Vendome  - Buil




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