Metal paintings - Wall sculptures

published by Philippe BUIL the

I just created three metal paintings 50 cm high by 46 cm wide.

These are slightly different creations from my metal lace sculptures, which I like to make from time to time.

To make them, I start from a sheet of steel that I cut according to the subject I want to create, I push the steel back in places, I let it come out in front in other places to create volumes.

For the graphic side, I grind the sheet metal to give it different shapes where the light will play with the subject and the grinding strokes.

Then I apply inks of different colors, like a painter on a canvas.

Each sheet is attached to a wooden board.

Everything is varnished to keep this appearance.

Each painting is signed on the front, on the sheet metal and behind on the wood.

I therefore present to you my three paintings, on three different subjects (click on the images for more details):

You can discover the videos of these paintings on my youtube channel in click here


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