New finish: shiny black metal lace and 24-carat gold leaf

published by Philippe BUIL the

I have just made sculptures with a new finish.

I always realize my metal lace by melting the steel drop by drop, but instead of leaving the gray of the steel, I cover them with a glossy black paint.

I then apply 24 carat gold leaf to come and bring light a you contrast.

You will find 4 sculptures:

A woman's body: Pavarti One night


 Watch the sculpture video on Youtube


A face : A tear 114-21


 Watch the sculpture video on Youtube 


Two skulls: 

Vanity 113-21                                                  Vanity 115-21

Watch the sculpture video on Youtube     Watch the sculpture video on Youtube


I can achieve this finish on all my sculptures, do not hesitate to contact me if you would like me to create your sculpture with this finish.



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